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Elbow Tendonitis Can Be Cured With Elbow Treatment.

It all began with the sensation of the new Nintendo Wii Fit. It was a great option for exercising because it is not necessary to leave your house, or to join a gym, or to be seen in public doing stupid things you can’t do because you are not in shape. This Nintendo would give users the option of working out in their own home while feeling the great sensation of playing Nintendo. The idea is to move your body while you play the game as if you were doing it for real. The game I liked the most was a tennis one that I would feel like I was Federer playing when for real I couldn’t play anything. After almost a year of playing with this option, I lost a little weight but a bigger effect happened on me. I got elbow tendonitis. My elbow started hurting painfully. I thought I had just banged it on something and that the pain would soon pass, but it didn’t. Elbow tendonitis is also an internal pain that would sting every time I tried to move my arm and elbow. I had no idea that it was elbow tendonitis but I knew it was bad because of how painful it was. After a few weeks of having this pain I could practically not move my arm anymore. So it became pretty obvious I needed to pay a visit to my doctor so he could tell me what was wrong with my arm. He ran some tests on me and asked me what strange movements I had done with my arm. He diagnosed elbow tendonitis. He says the main cause was the Nintendo game. It sounds crazy but I have learned recently that I am not the only person that has elbow tendonitis because of these games. The main factor that before we play these games, we never stretch. Stretching is a very important part of exercising because it gives your muscles and ligaments a change to get used to the kind of effort they will be put through. When you play the game in the Nintendo, you follow the instructions the screen gives and it never says anything about stretching. You would never imagine that because of not stretching and doing these kinds of movements you will be likely to getting elbow tendonitis. The problem is in my case I liked to play tennis so much and my movements weren’t precise it put a lot of pressure on my elbow which I was constantly moving and bending to “hit the ball” that elbow tendonitis developed over time. Now I am in an elbow treatment with a physical therapist. She comes to my house three times a week to give me elbow treatment and allow the ligaments to become able to move and stretch again. The elbow treatment for elbow tendonitis is helping a lot. I recommend anyone who thinks the Nintendo Wii is a great exercise, to be more careful about it and always stretch before their sessions because a simple game can develop into a very serious issue such as elbow tendonitis.

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